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3/4/2012 3:50:14 PM

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Pro-Rating Sessions in CoastRegistry
Pro-rating CoastRegistry Sessions is a way of reducing the price of the session due to late entry. For example, if a session has 8 classes starting on March 26 and running till May 21, and a customer comes in at late April when there are only 5 sessions left, you can have the system calculate a lower price to account for the remaining classes.

To work with Pro-Rating, you bring up the Session Editing Dialog from the “View/Edit Sessions” Page in the Administrative section of CoastRegistry.
You will see a list of Sessions that are available on a specific Program. See the following screen snapshot:

Figure 1 – Session Editing Page

Click “Edit” on the Session you want to work with, to bring up the Session Editing Dialog. This is shown in the following diagram:

Figure 2 – Session Editing Control, General Tab

In this example, it can be seen from the diagram, that the session is $80 and starts on March 26 and ends on May 21, running for 8 weeks, so each class is priced at $10. There is also a Tab called “Session Pricing and Pro-Rating”. You can click on this tab to get to the Pro-Rating control.

The Pro-Rating control starts out simply showing the same information as on the General Tab; e.g. $80 for March 26 to May 21, 2012. This is shown below:

Figure 3 – Session Editing Control, “Pro-Rating" Tab

If you just left it this way, there would be no Pro-Rating and your customers would be charged $80 regardless of when they registered.

To Pro-Rate, you can add any number of “price breaks” to represent the Pro-Rating strategy you want to implement. If your session runs for 8 weeks, and you want pro-rating to start after 2 weeks into the session and decrease in price weekly basis, then make sure the control shows 7 rows.

Pro-Rating Strategy

It’s very important that you layout your Pro-Rating strategy on paper first, before you program CoastRegistry. Usually you don’t want to start pro-rating until a few weeks into your sessions (this encourages skaters to register on time).

For the example, we will assume that the sessions start to pro-rate after two weeks (sessions) , starting on April 9, and have weekly price breaks, so the strategy looks something like this:

1. March 26 and April 2 – full price $80

2. April 9 – April 15 $60

3. April 16 –April 22 $50

4. April 23- April 29 $40

5. April 30 – May 6 $30

6. May 7 – May 14 $20

7. May 14 – May 21 $10

Now you are ready to add this strategy into CoastRegistry. Since the strategy has seven rows, you can add seven rows to the Pro-Rating control by clicking “Add New Price Break” six times (since there is already one row).

Once you’ve done this, you can go in and start changing the dates. Note that the End Date is the only editable date (Start Date is calculated). There are some other rules:

1. End Date of a row is editable, Start Date is not editable (Start Date is calculated)

2. The last row’s End Date is the end of the session as setup in the General Tab, and you cannot change it to anything else.

3. The Start Date of the next row is always the same as the End Date of the previous row. In this context the Start Date means “Starting the instant after midnight on the specified date”. The End Date is always meant to be “Up until midnight of the specified date”.

4. Registrations received before the Start Date of the first row are priced at the price of the first row.

5. Registrations received after the End Date of the last row are priced at the price of the last row (although in practise nobody registers after a session is over).

These rules ensure that the price breaks are always exactly contiguous or adjacent in terms of their dates. A given registration instant will never be ambiguous and can always find the correct price break.

You can type directly into the date field of the End Dates. Or, you can click on the little calendar icon and get a calendar selector.

Once you’ve filled in the dates representing your strategy, you can fill in the prices. The only rule(s) here are the following

1) The price of the first row must be equal to the price specified in the General Tab

2) Prices must decrease or be equal over the time range specified by the rows in the strategies

You can type directly into the price fields in the row where you need to set the price break. If you break one of the price rules, you will get advice on how to proceed.

The final result looks like what is show below:

Figure 4 – Filled out Strategy in Pro-Rating Tab

How is Pro-Rating Applied during Registration

When a skater applies for session where pro-rating is turned on, the following rules apply:

1. Registrations received before the Start Date of the first row are priced at the price of the first row in the Pro-Rating strategy.

2. Registrations received the instant after midnight[1] of the Start Date or a row, or up until the instant before midnight (and including midnight) of the End Date or a row, are priced at the price specified for the row.

3. The skater will see a pro-rated price and will pay the pro-rated price when the conditions in step 2 are met.

4. The email and receipt issued to the skater will say “Pro-Rated Pricing”

[1] Within 1 millisecond of midnight
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9/2/2013 9:39:12 AM

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The pro-rating does not apply to packaged sessions. Are there plans to accommodate for this?
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