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This forum is to discuss the use of EventRegistrar
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9/28/2012 5:28:26 PM

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CoastRegistry's EventRegistrar system allows you to setup online registration for simple events, such as workshops, seminars, banquets, carnivals etc. It can be used to sell tickets to annual galas, ice shows, carnivals as well as print the tickets for those events.

Whether you are organizing a small meeting or a multi-session convention, the Event Registration System will be a simple capable solution and allow attendees to register and pay for the event online.
You can set up the registration form to include a variety of custom fields, collecting information such as session options and meals, etc. During the event, you can use CoastRegistry to check in attendees, and use a variety of standard and custom reports to aid your procedures. You also have to option to manually enter registrants who mail in payment or phone in their registration info.

Standard features of CoastRegistry's EventRegistrar include:
Registrant Tracking - keep track of who has signed up, as well as who has paid their fees. Event Packages- offer different content in individually priced sessions, that make up the whole event package. Announcements/Attachments – add attachments that provide additional details about your event. Startup and End Dates- set up deadline dates for registration or for particular event registration packages. Registration opens on the start date and closes on the end date. Discount Coupon/Codes- offer discount codes or coupons to specific registrants, with fixed or percentage-based discounts. Custom Fields- all events are different, the CoastRegistry’s EventRegistrar system allows you to set up a variety of custom fields to collect information specific to your event/organization. (Examples- opt-in training sessions, breakout sessions, banquet meal type, t-shirt size, etc.) Billing/Invoicing Tools - Included are several tools that can be used to follow-up with registrants that have not paid fees. Event Branding- make the system look like the “theme” of your event by customizing the colors and adding a header image for your organization’s event. Online Payments- collect event payments online via PayPal. Make quick work of refunds when necessary. Reports- produce sign-up reports for events, sessions/breakouts, payment tracking, and more. Tickets produce fancy looking tickets for registered attendees. Name Badges- produce name badges for attendees. Data Export- attendee data can be exported from the system in a comma-delimited format for use in other software packages. Recurring Events- for monthly or other periodic events, the system can be set up to copy the event information automatically; making programming and maintenance much easier.
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Home » Community Support for EventRegistrar » What is EventRegistrar

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