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8/23/2013 2:20:29 PM

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You can do a thing called “Administrative Registration” with CoastRegistry, in addition to the standard customer driven registration. So you can still take paper forms with payments like cheques, etc., key that into CoastRegistry and mark those registrations as paid by cheque, cash, etc. That way all registration (online or otherwise) is in the system, and you can generate class lists, and manage inventory for your on-ice programs.

Administrative Registration is done by the club admin. Here are the steps:

1) Log on as an administrator
2) Go to the Administration Page
3) Select "View/Edit All Skaters"
4) Find the Skater in the list, if found go to step 5). If the skater is not in the list, then you need to create the Skater data (see 4a) below
4a) Create the Skater using the "Add New Skater" button at the bottom left of the screen. A big Skater Entry screen will show up, and fill out all the data and follow the instructions
5) When Skater is located or created, find him/her in the list and select the "Options" link at far right.
6) From the little options box that pops up, select "Register Skater for Sessions"
7) A list of the valid Programs for the active Season will show up and you can selecct one of them.
8) You'll now be directed to the regular online registration work flow, and the skater will already be set and you can now select the sessions, etc.
9) When you get to the invoice step, there won't be a "Paypal" button like in the regular workflow, because, you, as the administrator, won't be paying for someone else's registration
10) When you click register, you'll have the option to send a PayPal invoice to the customer (so they can pay by paypal), or, if they handed in a cheque, you can "mark it paid by cheque, etc." You can also opt to do nothing at this moment, so you can attend to it later, etc.

That's it for Administrative Registration, although there are many steps, they move quickly.
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8/25/2013 10:54:58 AM

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Hey, thanks for the information. The options show how to send a paypal invoice for the full amount, and/or how to mark it paid by a cheque or something. But what if I want to setup an instalment payment plan for the skater's registration. Can I do that too?
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Home » Community Support for ClubRegistrar » Administrative Registrations

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