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9/30/2013 8:08:53 PM

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If you want to charge some sort of fee on a skater's registration, CoastRegistry has some good options on how to do this. You can charge fees with the following programmable characteristics.

1) General Fees - These would be charged every time a registration is made
2) Annual Fees - These would be charged once per year (much like skate canada fees)
3) Late Fees - These would be set up to be charged on a "seasonal" basis, but not kick in until a specific date.
4) Opt-out Fees - These are used in certain fundraising scenarios. Example: buy a carton of chocolates for $75, and sell on your own, perhaps yielding $120. Or "opt-out" for $50. So this opt-out fee scenario, the fee is $75 and the opt out is $50

How to set up Fees

1) Log in as an administrator
2) Go to the administrative pages
3) Select "Manage Club Programming"
4) Select "Create/Modify Programs"
5) Select the program you want to have a fee for, highlight the row in the list and click "edit".
6) A Big "Program Edit Dialog" box will be launched
7) Select the tab called "Other Fees"

Now you can add fees for this program. When users log in and select sessions in this program, they will be charged a fee.
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Home » Community Support for ClubRegistrar » How to Charge a Fee

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