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12/3/2013 3:23:14 PM

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Partial Refund

1) Log in with your Admin account.
1) Go to the Administrative pages
2) Select “View/Edit All Registrations”
3) Pick the Event Category from the drop-down box
4) Scroll to the row describing customer's registration whom you want to refund
5) Click “Other Options” link on the row
6) A box full of options will pop up, select the “REFUND some portion of this paid Registration to the Customer” button
7) A box called the “Partial Refund” Dialog will pop up

This box will show the original amount paid by the customer as well as the PayPal transaction for the payment. Both of those are read-only.
You can enter a comment/reason for partial refund, and the refund amount. Note the refund amount must be less than or equal to the
original amount (uh-huh).

8) Click okay.

This will communicate from CoastRegistry to PayPal and negotiate the partial refund. It will show up as a credit on the customer’s credit card (or PayPal account)

This will work fine as long as 60 days has not elapsed, after which PayPal will not process refunds.
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Home » Community Support for EventRegistrar » Processing Refunds

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