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3/4/2014 11:04:38 AM

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This issue is being reported a little more often since the middle of 2013. It seems like some of the newer versions of popular browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox) now disable all plugins (such as Silverlight) by default, which is different behaviour than in the 2008-2012 time period. CoastRegistry was created in 2008 and depends on Silverlight.

The key is to enable the Silverlight plugin in your browser.

First navigate to this site: http://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight
This will tell you if Silverlight is installed or not. Once you are sure Silverlight is installed, follow the instructions below for your kind of browser.

Internet Explorer
Make sure that the necessary Silverlight plugin is enabled in Internet Explorer. To do this, follow these steps:

On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click Internet Options. Click the Programs tab, and then click Manage add-ons.In the Currently loaded add-ons list, click Run without Permissions. Look for the Silverlight add-on in the list that's displayed. Make sure the Status is listed as Enabled.

If you're using Chrome, type the following into your address bar: chrome://plugins
When you do this look for Silverlight, if it's disabled, click the enable link.
For additional details see here https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/2445334?hl=en

See the discussion here http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/use-plugins-play-audio-video-games?esab=a&s=silverlight&r=2&as=s#w_managing-plugins

MAC Book
If you have a MAC and you just installed Silverlight but you are getting a blank screen, or are being told to reinstall over and over again, please to a complete (power down) reboot of your MAC. This will solve the problem.
Note: Please use Safari or Firefox on the MAC. Chrome doesn't work for CoastRegistry

iPhone, iPad, Android
CoastRegistry does not work on these devices at this time. An App for iPad is expected sometime in Spring 2014
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Home » Community Support for ClubRegistrar » Help! My Screen is Blank - I cannot do anything

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