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7/12/2014 1:53:15 PM

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Here’s how you test what you’re doing is working okay

1) Make sure your Season is activated. In the “Manage Season “ page make sure the season is got a green highlight
2) Now log on as if you were a parent and go to the CoastRegistry main page for your club


Select which Program you wish to test out (you'll likely follow these steps below for your programming)

3) click on (blue box) “Login or Create Account” Log on with your admin account.

4) click on (blue box) “Identify your Skater” this will make you create a new skater profile and when complete, click okay

5) click on (blue Box) “Select Sessions”

Now you’ll be able to work with the sessions and test out the registration workflow.

You should check for :

a) Sessions and Packages are there for selection and are clear enough and legible for your customers to read
b) Code of conduct (if configured)
c) Volunteer agreement (if configured)
d) Terms and Conditions (if configured)
e) Canada Anti Spam notice (if configured)
f) Check out the invoice page, is the number correct, are the fees you configured and want there – are they there, discounts, taxes, total, etc.

6) Go all the way to the PayPal button and click PayPal. This should take you to your club’s PayPal account with the correct amounts for payment, etc. At this point just bail (e.g. do not pay), close the browser or whatever. Alternatively if you have Instalments setup, or approval workflow, you may take a different path at this point.

7) Go back to CoastRegistry and log in as administrator, and go to the admin pages and select “View Edit all Registrations” , and select the Program for the test registration you just made. Check to see the registration you just made is there and looks correct. You can delete it now.

8) Now you can hide your Season again so your members cannot register. Select the green Season (e.g. the active one) and click “Pause”. This freezes registration until you are ready to go live. This makes it go yellow. Yellow means frozen.

Repeat this process as many times as you like for the different programs you are offering.
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Home » Community Support for ClubRegistrar » Smoke- Test your Club Programming before Go-Live

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