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8/27/2014 3:26:23 AM

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Often people are trying to generate reports in CoastRegistry and are unable to do so. Here is the most common issue

1) Select “View a Sessions Skaters”
2) Select for your Session
3) There should be a list of skaters registered for this session

4) Select Reporting options button below, you should see two options PDF or CSV, if you have Excel installed use the CSV as it loads into spreadsheet nicely
5) Click “Generate Simple Report as CSV”
6) A Small Orange Window should pop up on your computer screen , if it does not, then your browser is prohibiting “popups” for CoastRegistry, This will be discussed below.
7) The Orange window has a button that says “Click to Download Session List Report” – click it.
8) Depending on which browser you are using, your report document will be delivered – usually if a CSV, will open into MS Excel.

If step 6 doesn’t produce the orange window, you likely have an issue with popups. Generally browsers don’t allow popups, so you don’t get dumb advertisements popping up when you go to dubious locations, so it is a good thing. However, for CoastRegistry, you need to enable popups.

Internet Explorer (IE 9,10,11)
i) at the far right of the browser are three small icons (House, Star, Gear). Click “Gear” – then in the menu that appears go to bottom and select “Internet Options”
ii) A Dialog box comes up with many tabs – select “Privacy” tab
iii) See the section on Popup Blocker – it is likely checked and is hence enabled. Don’t uncheck
iv) Click Settings - for address of website to allow enter “www.coastregistry.com” and click the “Add” button
v) Click Close, Close all browsers. Now reports should work in coastregistry

Google Chrome
i) at far right of the browser there is a star and then a icon with three horizontal bars – click the one with the bars
ii) you get a page with “Settings” go tot he bottom and select “Show Advanced Settings”
iii) on the advanced page there is a section called Privacy and button called “Content Settings” click that
iv) A dialog box will come up with all the Content settings, scroll down till you see Popups
v) Click manage Exceptions
vi) Add “www.coastregistry.com” to the list.

see https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/pop-blocker-settings-exceptions-troubleshooting?redirectlocale=en-US&redirectslug=Pop-up+blocker

Safari (MAC)
see http://browsers.about.com/od/safar1/ss/How-To-Enable-The-Pop-Up-Blocker-In-Safari.htm
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