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3/12/2015 5:16:58 PM

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We have created a new module for CoastRegistry called iBuyon.

This is an app, optimized for mobile devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.). It allows the skater to register & purchase their Buyon at the time of skating (or before).

Here is the work-flow:

1) Skater/Parent comes to rink at the time they want to do the Buyon

2) Fire up iBuyon, select the Club Session and date (or alternatively select a fixed Buyon amount, date and time, comment, etc.)
a. We will also be adding session inventory to this step so a “full” session might not be available for a Buyon.
b. Pricing and other configuration of Buyons is added to appropriate/relevant CoastRegistry Admin screens

3) Once the information in #2 above is complete, the skater/parent logs in to their CoastRegistry account and selects their skater
a. This step works well for home club skaters who have been using CoastRegistry. We will also allow for non-home club skaters who might not have a CoastRegistry account (although this is not in the Beta release)

4) Once skater is selected, the transaction is given an Invoice ID and they are directed to PayPal, where they pay for the Buyon.

5) The administrative backend of CoastRegistry receives the payment information, automatically marks the transaction as paid,

6) The administrative backend of CoastRegistry sends the skater a PAID notification via email (BCC to the club admin email)
a. This paid email can be used as proof of purchase if, for instance, the parent does the iBuyon prior to coming to the rink

So that’s basically how iBuyon works.

It is FREE for all club users of CoastRegistry (as is TestRegistrar, EventRegistrar, and VolunteerRegistrar). It is generally available for all our clubs.
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Home » Community Support for ClubRegistrar » Introducing iBuyon - Mobile Tool for Buyons

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