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Kevgor - all messages by user

2/28/2013 12:46:28 PM
What is CoachRegistrar

CoachRegistrar is a Coach Billing and Invoice submitting utility that fits in nicely with the ClubRegistrar online club registration system.

With CoachRegistrar, coaches who work on club-paid programs and sessions can bill the club via CoastRegistry

Some of the benefits of this approach are:

1) All invoices are stored in a secure, consistent fashion
2) Coaches pick the sessions and days they work from among the club paid sessions you've already configured, reducing possibility of billing errors
3) Coaches can prepare and submit invoices at any time, or save a "work-in-progess" invoice for later submission
4) The Club Administrator can run some analysis tools and reports to ensure sessions are staffed the way they expected. They can see potential double billing mistakes, and quickly not when more (or less) coaches are working on a session.
5) The Club Administrator can run reports to assist in preparation of tax forms (T4s, etc.), benefits statements, and other reporting needs
6) Coaches can be added and removed from the system easily, with their name, address, phone, email, contract rates

This module is a natural for clubs looking to further automate and streamline their administration, so their administrators and volunteers can focus on other projects that bring value to club members

CoachRegistrar will be available soon.

If interested in better understanding or influencing the feature set, please send us an email at solutions@coastregistry.com
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